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Close attention to the attributes of your website enhances presentation and effectiveness.


dafont Logo ~ Choice of Font

Choice of the right fonts (e.g., serif—as in Times New Roman, sans serif—as in Arial, Verdana), and attributes (e.g., size, bold, italic, color) is key to defining the right mood, ensuring readability, and enhancing navigation through your website.  The right choices can convey warmth or crispness, technical or artistic, conservative or modern.

nicole pollack logo ~ When to use a Graphic Designer

kuler logo ~ Choice of Color Palette

Color WheelColors inspire a sensory experience and stimulate emotional response. Warm colors induce sunny emotions, happiness, and joy.  Cool colors stir up emotions of authority, establishment, and trust. Are you interested in learning more about color theory, check out widipedia at


Use of Development Tools

Site Map VisualUse of structured development tools (site map, text checklists, photo inventories, punch lists, etc.) ensure consistency and correctness and improve efficiency and contain costs.

Some samples of my work

- Here are some examples of very successful small business sites that I have created...

Morton Automotive Group

Luckystars Boston Terriers

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